How to Market a Self Published Book

If you’ve ever tried to market a self published book in the past, or you’ve read about how to market a self published book, you may have worried about some of these challenges.

You may have felt that if you are going to be marketing your latest book yourself that it would take away the time that you need to write your next one. This is quite a common fear authors have and I certainly felt this when I first started to market my books.

You might also be worrying about the time it takes to market your books. You may have read a lot about marketing, you might have spoken to people that are involved in marketing 24/7, you might think that marketing seems to be very time consuming. That might be something else that is challenging you at the moment.

You might also be feeling a little bit helpless, frustrated, confused about online marketing and the more you read about online marketing on the Internet the more helpless, frustrated and confused you become! I certainly felt that way when I first got into this online marketing malarkey and subsequently found it does not have to be that way.

You might also be desperately wanting to have at least one bestseller, if you haven’t had one already, and you’re not really sure how to achieve it. You know that some marketing has to take place but you really don’t know where to turn from here.

Don’t worry if you’ve got any of these challenges or others because, believe it or not, 13 years ago I had exactly the same feelings, exactly the same challenges. In fact, 13 years ago I had two books published by leading publishers. These were very, very big publishing houses, one was Addison Wesley and the other one was Pearson Education. I thought I had it made as such companies as big as these were bound to sell my books for me, right?

How wrong I was.

I hadn’t realized that even though these publishers were absolutely massive companies, with a presence all over the world, they weren’t actually going to do any of the marketing for me; they left the marketing entirely to me.

Now I was feeling completely lost because I had never done any marketing at all, didn’t know where to start I thought “oh, crikey, it took me long enough to write the books, how the hell am I going to get them marketed so I can make some sales?” and when I spoke to the publishers they gave me very little support and very little guidance on where to start, so I was totally lost.

Now that was back in mid-1999 when the Internet was really just starting to become more widely used, and certainly not used as well as it is today. So what was my solution to this?

I studied online marketing and about 95% of what I learned has been absolutely useless to me, but those gems I have picked up that work really well was certainly worth the money that I spent. Now thankfully you’re not going to have spend nearly as much as I did to become successful because I have developed a system that I use for marketing self-published books.

The system actually consists of six steps:

How to Market Your Self Published Book Online

First of all you have to understand who your reader is. It might sound like a strange thing to be doing, but you need to think about who the reader is that you want to read your book. You need to understand them, the sort of people they are and so on.

The second step is to go and find them online, find where they are congregating. There will be one or more websites where your readers are spending their time. Once you find those sites you then need to get in front of them.

Step three looks at your current Internet presence. What I mean by that is you’ve probably got a website already, you may be on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and so on. Step three gets you to look at all of the places where you have an Internet presence and to review what you’re doing with each of those sites at the moment.

In step four you update your Internet presence. If, in step three, you found that the majority of your readers are on Facebook, and you currently don’t have a presence on Facebook, then this step will get you to create a presence on Facebook and drop your Google+ presence because you don’t need to be there. Hopefully this is making sense.

Step five gets you to look at creating a free offer for those readers. Now you might be thinking “hang on Greg, how am I going to make money out of giving stuff away for free?” Well, actually, that is the exact model that works in online marketing.

The final step is attracting readers to that offer. It’s getting in front of them, telling them about it, and directing them to the place where they can get that free offer.

That is the complete system.

Now there is a lot behind this, but once you start this process it is very, very easy to implement. To help you put this in place I have created a free training course that takes you through my system of marketing books that I’ve developed over the last 12 years. I’ve been successfully using this method with several authors who have sold quite a substantial number of books as a result.

Obviously I can’t guarantee that you’re going to do the same, because I don’t know how well you’re going to be able to apply what I teach you in this course. However, I do know through experience, that if you apply what I’m teaching here you will stand a much better chance of selling more copies of your book than perhaps you would without it. Click the link below to access it. I hope you enjoy the course.